Concept Model Project



“YOKAI” has been familiar with people in Japan for long time in various contents. It has a unique sense for Japanese, and it is clearly different from “Ghost” or “Fairy” in English. “Yokai is not only manipulating a strange or peculiar phenomenon which people cannot understand but also being unusual and unscientific existence who occurs the phenomenon by his/her mysterious power.” 〜Yokai snuggles up to human society, has own character, can communicate and plays a prank. 〜

For the realization of YOKAI, AGI and Ambient Information Technology are necessary to watch over our daily life, predict our actions, and carry out an appropriate interaction. Conversation skill and embodiment of only human activity, such as “the harmonizing” or “read social cues”, are also required.

“YOKAI has many important elements for the realization of AGI”


* Various infrastructure technologies (Deep Learning,VR,AR,Robotics etc) for realizing the “Environmental Intelligence” which is suggested in Eisaku MAEDA[1],Yasuhiro MINAMI[2],Kohji DOHSAKA,Resurgence of Fairies and Goblins-A Proposal for the New Version of “Ambient Intelligence”〜(Special Section on IPSJ’s 46th Anniversary),Vol. 47, No. 6, 2006. are ready to be applied now.